Why this project means so much

At Practera we just finished another important piece of research into how our platform can help educators scale their experiential learning programs without compromising on quality or learning outcomes.

Good experiential learning programs (learning through practice and reflection) are renowned for being resource heavy. Experiential learning programs, including work placements and internships, require close supervision to ensure students remain on track and are achieving their goals, and regular personal feedback and intervention to help students reflect and improve.

At Practera we have been delivering experiential learning programs at scale without negatively impacting the quality of the learning experience for years, due to a combination of well designed programs and the feedback and support offered by our platform. We wanted to write a whitepaper to get the word out.

Thanks to this project, we were able to verify that the unit level data our analysts used to generate the whitepaper did not have a significant re-identification risk, and include this in our privacy risk analysis at the start of the project. This is just the beginning. In future iterations we expect this measurement to be integrated into our data pipeline for automated policy based analytics and data sharing. That said, it is already paying us some dividends and we could not be more pleased.

If you’d like a copy of the whitepaper – you can download it here.